There is purpose in this silence. At least that’s what I say, so that’s what I will think, with hopes of one day maybe even believing it. The phone has stopped ringing. I am no longer needed 24/7 to fix this or that, call him or her, save this one and that one. It’s a brutal truth to realize that unless you have something people want, silence is your only true friend. So what is this new silence; this new purpose?

Many of us find value in what we do. So what happens when everything falls silent? If a tree falls in the forest…you know where I’m going. Stillness is uncomfortable; silence even more so. We are left with just ourselves. Our thoughts, good and bad, our emotions, good and bad, our choices, the present, past and future. The silence is deafening, painstakingly uncomfortable, which is why it’s avoided by most.

It’s not until we are silent that we can hear. It’s not until we are still can we move. Move to an increased awareness of ourselves, of others, of a God we hope is there. Right now, silence is all I have. I will seek it’s purpose through stillness.

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